Milly's 21st Birthday

It was my first week at university and I'd arrived late to my class on twentieth century literature - so late that there was only one seat left. The girl next to me had dark hair and a big smile, and two hours later as we were packing away I can remember very distinctly thinking to myself, I want to be friends with this one. Her name was Milly, and she'd spent her gap year travelling like me. This weekend I visited Shropshire for her 21st birthday party, held in a big marquee on her parents' sheep farm near Shrewsbury. Milly is my fellow wanderluster: she's lived and worked in Bangkok for a year; travelled Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Malysia, Cambodia, and China; snorkelled at the Great Barrier Reef although she can’t swim; and spent her last few birthdays in far off exotic lands. Her party celebrated her adventures abroad with charming little details, like the table plan made up over a great world map, tables named after foreign rivers, little luggage labels for name cards, and the spread of photographs pinned up at the bar showing all her travels.

You can read about the day in my summer onehundred. Here are some more pictures from the evening.