Women’s Health

Illustration by    Cathryn Virginia

Illustration by Cathryn Virginia

Living with Endometriosis, an Agonizing Disease with No Known Cause or Cure

Vice (Broadly) | July 27, 2017

For most of her life, Chloe has struggled with debilitating periods. When she was 25, she finally went to the hospital. It took four years to diagnose her. Why won't doctors take menstrual pain seriously?

This story was included as one of Broadly's Favorite Stories of 2017.


The Promise and Peril of Vaginal “Rejuvenation”

Mother Jones | August 14, 2018
Why the FDA is worried about a new laser technology.

No, Parents. The HPV Vaccine Won’t Encourage Your Daughter to Have Risky Sex.

Mother Jones | October 18, 2018
But it does help protect her from cancer.

Pro-Choicers Fear for the Future Should Anti-Abortion Crusader Mike DeWine Become Ohio Governor

Mother Jones | October 26, 2018
It would be “the most dangerous prospect that we’ve faced in a while.”

Vaccine Studies Still Exclude Pregnant Women. That’s a Big Mistake.

Mother Jones | December 18, 2018
Just ask the women living in fear of Ebola.

New Data Shows How the US Ban on Global Funds for Abortion Spectacularly Backfires

Mother Jones | January 31, 2019
January marks the two-year anniversary of the global gag rule.

It’s the International Day of Awareness for Female Genital Mutilation. Does the US Protect Girls at Risk?

Mother Jones | February 6, 2019
State laws on the topic are more important after a November court ruling.



Human Rights

Photo by Benjamin Lowy

Photo by Benjamin Lowy

Your Halloween Candy’s Hidden Ingredient: Child Slave Labor

Mother Jones | October 31, 2018

Chocolate makers say they’re tackling the problem, but progress is scant.

Also featured on KCBS radio.


A Federal Judge Ruled that the Government Must Treat These Separated Migrant Kids for PTSD

Mother Jones | July 17, 2018
“There are no other rulings, to our knowledge, that … make this sort of demand on the government to actually address the trauma they’re creating.”

United States Gets an F for Failing to Help Its Neediest

Mother Jones | June 22, 2018
“The American dream is rapidly becoming the American illusion,” says UN council report.





Bright Sparks

East Bay Express | August 16, 2017

While the department takes heat, a new generation of Oakland firefighters comes of age.

This story was awarded the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence,
Region 11 First-Place (Features) and National First-Place (Features) 2017


The classroom, the ballot and the big bad wall — Oakland’s children tackle the Trump effect

Oakland North | December 9, 2016
One afternoon in the middle of summer, Beatriz Valencia’s son Jonathan came home with a question. The 7-year-old wanted to check if his mom knew that Donald Trump was running for president.
This story was awarded the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award, Region 11 First-Place (Features), and National Third-Place (Features) in 2016.

California’s Battle Against Climate Change Is Going Up in Smoke

Mother Jones | December 10, 2018
The state’s 2018 wildfire season released emissions equal to a year of power use.



Arts and Photography

Photo by Lynsey Addario

Photo by Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario Risked Her Life to Bring Us These Amazing Photographs

Mother Jones | November / December 2018 issue

“I have this incredible love and passion and dedication to my work—and that creates an impossible balance.”


Photographs for a New Age of Resistance

East Bay Express | June 21, 2017
Activism is at the heart of this Dorothea Lange retrospective at the Oakland Museum of California

Hoods, Hazing, and Heavy Drinking

Mother Jones | September 29, 2018
Photographs reveal an elite university’s fraternity culture.

These Haunting Photos Show the Pain of Native Children Ripped From Their Parents

Mother Jones | December 26, 2018
“We want our culture back. We want our language back. We want our ceremonies back. We want our lives back.”

Her History Books Ignored Zimbabwe’s Genocide. Her Debut Novel Hinges on It.

Mother Jones | January / February 2019 issue
“I don’t know how my family will react,” says Novuyo Rosa Tshuma.

How a Fateful Encounter Led This American Poet Into a Civil War

Mother Jones | March / April 2019 issue
“Poets feel like everyone else does: an anxiety, a rage against this oppressive regime.